The Silent Woman Parks was started by Dennis and Peggy Stainer when they took over the Silent Woman Inn Nr Wareham in 1957. At that time the area behind the Inn was used by 4 caravans serviced by a stand pipe for water and little else. Dennis planned to increase the number of homes to 10 and thereby pay for the rent on the pub and land. The rent was 10 shillings a week (that’s 50p in today’s money) for the pub and land surrounding it.

Many locals still remember Dennis and Peggy with fondness – they proved to be a very popular couple in the pub world.  Fast forward to today and the Park, provided with full utility services in the early 1960s, has grown into the footprint you see in the aerial photograph. Now licensed for 50+ homes there are currently 35+ homes on the park with plenty of room for expansion without losing the “woodland feel” of the location. Dennis and Peggy passed away in the 1990s leaving Vicky and Ian to take over the reins. They have gradually replaced some of the older homes on the park and in 2005 added the park near Tavistock to compliment Wareham.